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World Water Day, designated by the United Nations in 1992, is celebrated annually on March 22nd across the globe to raise awareness about the importance of water and advocate for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. India is the second-most populous country in the world and is home to over 1.3 billion people – the demand for safe and clean water is ever-increasing. Did you know, according to World Bank, India has 18 percent of the world’s population, but only 4 percent of its water resources, making it one of the most water stressed countries in the world1.

In recent years, due to climate change, erratic rainfall patterns, and poor management of water resources, India has been facing a water crisis. India faces a high frequency of droughts, floods and unpredictable weather events which has severe impact on water management in the country. The water scarcity issue is most severe in the states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Rajasthan.

Electrolux strongly believes in the importance of sustainability, and this is integrated through our For The Better 2030 sustainability goals, where Electrolux focuses on its 3 pillars of: Better Company, Better Solutions and Better Living. Electrolux is committed to uplifting the lives of communities through inspiring and empowering people to make choices that will help them live more sustainably. As part of our Wellbeing promise, to enable users to achieve healthy and indoor environments, Electrolux is part of the global 50L Home Coalition which aims to address two of the world’s most pressing global challenges: water security and climate change.


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In Asia Pacific, Electrolux is proud to announce that since 2019, we have partnered with Planet Water Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on bringing clean water to the world's most impoverished communities through the installation of community-based water filtration systems and the deployment of hygiene education programs. Through this partnership with Planet Water Foundation, Electrolux has supported 30 projects across 6 countries, impacting over 25 local communities and bringing clean and safe water to over 66,000 individuals.

Sudhir Patil, our Commercial Director of Electrolux India, shares with us more about his experience volunteering for Planet Water: “ There is a sense of fulfilment and delight to know that we have positively impacted the lives of the school children.”

This World Water Day, we’re excited to announce our continued partnership with Planet Water Foundation and supported the installation of an AquaTower in Tamil Naidu on the 21st of March 2023 at Panchayat Union Middle School, Ninnakarai. The project will provide clean drinking water access to the students, teachers and staff of the school, impacting over 350 individuals. Our Electrolux employees have also kindly volunteered to be part of this project, where they will support the building of the AquaTower and engage with the students in the importance of clean water and sanitation. A big thank you to our partner Planet Water Foundation for supporting us in achieving our wellbeing commitments!

Want to learn more about Electrolux’s commitment for sustainable future? Learn more about our For The Better 2030 commitments and check out our blog to see how you can do your part for a sustainable future! 

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*1 How is India addressing its water needs? (worldbank.org)

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