Terms and conditions for general warranty

Product category


(Standard & Additional)

(For domestic/household use only)
Care Front load washers 2 years standard warranty
8 years additional warranty on Inverter Motor only
Top load washers 2 years standard warranty
3 years ddditional warranty on Motor only
Washer dryers / Dryers 2 years standard warranty
8 years additional warranty on Inverter Motor only
Dishwashers 2 years standard warranty
Built-in dishwashers
Taste Refrigerators 1 year standard warranty 
9 years additional warranty only on Compressor
(Refrigerant/Gas is chargeable)
Built-in hobs 2 years standard warranty
3 years additional warranty on Glass Top
(Physical damage not cover)
Hoods 2 years standard warranty
8 years additional warranty on AC/DC motor
Built-in ovens 2 years standard warranty
Microwave ovens
Free-standing gas cookers 1 year standard warranty
Table top ovens
Warming drawers 2 years standard warranty
Coffee makers 2 years standard warranty
Well Being Air purifiers 1 year standard warranty
Vaccum cleaners 2 year standard warranty
2 years battery warranty for all cordless vacuum cleaners
(Excluding charging stand)
Air conditioners 1 year standard warranty
9 years additional warranty on Compressor
4 years additional warranty only on Inverter Model PCB
Accessories Battery & Charger Warranty is not applicable to those mercury cell or AAA batteries which are used in remote controller
Sales accessory No warranty coverage for any accessory

# Additional Warranty on specified Parts, commences after Expiry of standard warranty 

1. Electrolux India Private Ltd (EIPL) provides warranty for the quality of appliances to the purchasers who has duly registered the appliances with Electrolux India according to terms and conditions stipulated herein.

2. To make an In-Warranty claim, customers need to provide to our staff, on the day of the service request, a ‘Warranty Card’ which is filled out with the information identical to that provided on the ‘Warranty Card’ returned to the company & the purchase tax invoice without correction or rectification as a proof of purchase and an indication of the purchase date where the warranty of each product commences. ( refer table for warranty details )

3. The warranty only covers products with manufacturing or design defect and shall only apply to appliance imported and sold by EIPL. 
4. If the product or parts in the product requires repair, Electrolux may, at its sole option and discretion, repair, replace or exchange it with an equivalent product or parts that is new or refurbished. Electrolux will retain the replaced parts or product that is exchanged during service as its property. Repaired, replaced or exchanged part or product will continue to be under warranty for the remaining Product warranty period 

5. In case the receipt or proof of purchase or warranty card is lost or the purchase date cannot be verified against the tax invoice, the company reserves the right not to accept warranty claims. The warranty period commences from the date of manufacture which is displayed on the serial number of all appliances or as appearing on the company information systems.

6. The warranty applies to products purchased from Electrolux and/or authorized dealers in India only. Repairs according to warranty are provided by authorized Service Centres in India only. For products purchased with special conditions e.g. products sold as-is, products with scratches, dents or visible minor cracks, the warranty shall only cover the functioning of the products starting from the purchase date of the main product.

7. No person, by dealer/company is authorised to change, modify or extend the terms of these warranties in any manner.   

8. The standard warranty and additional warranty will expire as per warranty term (refer table) from the date of purchase/invoice, even if the product may not be in use for any time during warranty period for any reason whatsoever including any technical breakdowns, and the time taken for such repairs/ replacement of parts and transit, whether under this warranty or otherwise shall not be excluded from the warranty period.     

9. Chemicals and solutions used during the repairs e.g. cleaner, scale remover, coolant, all type filters, cleanser not categorized as spare parts or electrical parts shall be paid by the customers for the actual amount used.

10. The company reserves the right to levy service charge, spares charges, gas charges and/or transportation charge, etc  for out of warranty products ( after expiry of standard warranty ) according to defect/damage even if such defect/damage is not found at first. 

11. The company reserves the right to refuse entry to an inaccessible area, prohibited area, risky area or where the company deems risky of dangers.

12. The company reserves the right to amend warranty terms and conditions without prior notice.

13. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, or spares being unavailable, the company’s prevailing depreciation rules/policy will be binding on purchaser to accept as a commercial solution in lieu of repairs. 

14. EIPL liability under this warranty is limited to repairing and /or replacing defective parts/products only. The warranty does not cover any losses and damages caused directly or indirectly by the products.

The standard Warranty / Additional Warranty is not applicable in the following cases:


1. The warranty does not apply to a damage caused by improper use or improper storage as explicitly laid out in the warnings or product information taking into consideration the product condition, nature of use and foreseeable regular storage. 

2. The warranty does not apply to a damage/defect caused by modification, ingenuine parts, alteration or repairs by third party agents not entrusted by Electrolux India or not done by an Authorised Partner of Electrolux India.

3. The warranty does not apply when the product has been tampered with, or has been subject to misuse, or damage due to customer negligence or damaged while in transit.

4. The warranty does not apply on breakages/damages due to lightening or flood, damage or scratch resulting from external causes such as movement, shipment, accident, negligence, if product is not used as per guidelines, exposure to chemical substance, excessive dust, corrosive surrounding, Leakage in product due to coin entry/foreign particle entry, fire, natural disaster, biting by animals e.g. ants, rats, cockroaches, etc., or rusting caused by natural environment which is normal for general electrical appliances including scratches and damage that appear on the surface or external parts resulting from customer usage. 

5. The warranty does not cover accessories such as adapter, plug, pipe, cable, belt, filter, bulb, rubber seal, rubber gasket, consumable parts, plastic parts, glass/toughened glass parts, handle , key, lock, legs  door frame,  or any other components that are subject to ordinary wear and tear over time or require periodical replacement.

6. The warranty does not cover parts categorized as external and internal components / fittings / fixtures of appliances such as housing, covering cap, knob, rubber seal, panel, plate, layer, grill, etc., or those made of rubber or plastics.

7. The warranty does not apply to a damage caused by unstable frequency or voltage of the electrical supply system, dirtiness or pressure of supplied water which is incompatible with the specification of appliances.

8. Any claims for product received in dent/damaged condition or missing parts made later than the allowable period of 7 days from the purchase date are not covered by the standard warranty.

9. The warranty does not apply if Warranty cards that are corrected, scraped, scratched, crossed, or torn in part shall be void.

10. The warranty does not apply on Appliances used for commercial or retail business outside place of residence e.g. in laundry business, spas, hair dressing, hospitals, factories, or in service business in return for earnings etc.

11. The warranty does not apply when the product has not been installed, maintained, operated in accordance with instructions given by EIPL.



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