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A washing machine or a washer dryer is one of the most essential appliances in any household. It keeps your clothes and fabrics clean and fragrant while saving you a lot of time and energy. When choosing a washing machine or washer dryer for your laundry room, there are three main factors to consider: Size and capacity, type and features you might need.

Washing machine size and capacity

One of the most important factors of washing machines and washer dryers is their capacity.

  • A load size of 4-6kg is enough for small households of 1-2 people and should fit around five full outfits comfortably.
  • For larger households of 3-4 people, we recommend a capacity of 7-8kg that holds around seven full outfits.
  • Washing machines and washer dryers with a load size of 9kg and more are best suited to larger households and can fit more than eight full outfits at a time.

Types of washing machine

Washing machines and washer dryers come in different types:

  • Front-load washing machines: As the name suggests, these machines are loaded from the front. They’re well suited also for bigger items.
  • Top-load washing machines: They’re usually a bit cheaper than front-load washers, but can be a bit rougher on your clothes if overloaded.
  • Washer dryers: These appliances combine the strengths of a washer and a dryer set to save you space and money.

Other features and functions of washing machine to consider

  • Energy and water savings: Modern washing machines and washer dryers can help you save plenty of energy and water.
  • Care for delicates: Many modern washing machines and washer dryers have special wash programs for cleaning delicate fabrics or even wool.

Choose the perfect washing machine with Electrolux

Electrolux washing machines offer a perfect laundry experience that protects your garments. With features like HygienicCare that removes allergens and germs or the highly efficient EcoInverter motor, an Electrolux washing machine or washer dryer will save you money and become the cornerstone of your laundry room.

If you need further information about our products, find the support you need for your Electrolux washing machines now!


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