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Stoves are a central component of any kitchen, indispensable for cooking in your own home. They allow you to cook anything from soups and stews to vegetables and fried treats. Stoves come in different sizes, capacities and types and use different fuel sources.

Stove & hob sizes

Stoves come in various sizes:

  • 30 - 40cm wide: This size is most suitable for small kitchens
  • 60cm wide: The most common size, suitable for a typical kitchen and household
  • 70 – 90cm wide: These oversized hobs are most suitable for big families and people that intend to cook a lot

Types of stoves & hobs

Stoves come in various types:

  • Gas stoves: Require a gas connection but are very versatile in cooking and offer lots of temperature control.
  • Induction cooktops: Only heat up the pots and pans, not the surface itself, so they’re safer for children. They’re more efficient but need specific cookware.

Discover more things you need to know about Electrolux stoves & hobs

Stove & hob capacity

Stoves come with varying numbers of burner, and buyers should keep in mind their household size:

  • 2 burners: 1-2 people in the household
  • 3-4 burners: 3-4 people in the household
  • 5 burners: 5+ people in the household

Stove fuel types

Stoves can use two different types of fuel to power your cooking, and they both have pros and cons.

  • Gas stoves heat up very fast and offer detailed control, but they also cool off quickly. However, many people feel uncomfortable with using gas and open flames.
  • Electric stoves, be they ceramic or induction cooktops, use electricity to heat up the food. They’re what most people are familiar with and are relatively easy to use.

Stove & hob features

Many modern stoves let you combine cooking zones and offer enhanced security both in electric and gas cooking by automatically turning off before any danger occurs.

Choosing the perfect stove with Electrolux

Electrolux is renowned for its high-quality stoves, both gas stoves and electric or induction cooktops. With the Flame Safety Device and secure pan detection, you never need to worry about your or your children’s safety.


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