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Maximizing fresh food storage with large capacity refrigerators

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In the pursuit of a sustainable lifestyle that values fresh and wholesome foods, Electrolux presents a solution that caters to both convenience and sustainability. The journey to a more substantial, eco-conscious home refrigerator commences with the understanding that increased capacity can elevate your culinary experience. With ample storage for family-favorite fresh foods, leftovers, and prepared meals, a larger refrigerator ensures you have the room you need while reducing unnecessary grocery store trips. 

Discover how Electrolux's large capacity refrigerators align with your aspirations for a sustainable, efficient, and fresh lifestyle.

The dimensions of a large-capacity refrigerator

Unlike conventional standards, there's no rigid definition of a "large" or "extra-large" refrigerator. Generally, large-capacity refrigerators span around 80 – 100cm in width, over 165 – 190 cm in height, and 70 – 85cm in depth. This equates to a capacity ranging from 350 to 680 liters.

If your current refrigerator is struggling to accommodate your family's needs, it's an indicator that it's time to embrace the advantages of a larger fridge.

The dimensions of a large-capacity refrigerator

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Configurations that cater to your needs 

Electrolux's commitment to sustainability encompasses not only functionality but also the intelligent use of space. While fridge dimensions matter, the optimal configuration is equally vital. Whether you opt for side-by-side, French door, top freezer, bottom freezer, or counter-depth models, each configuration is designed to offer accessible storage and efficient organization.


Side-by-side refrigerator 

Side-by-side refrigerator – this vertical storage configuration empowers you to designate zones for fresh and frozen items, placing everything precisely where you need it.

French door refrigerator

Discover Electrolux French door refrigerator, a true embodiment of culinary convenience and sustainability. Embrace the luxury of abundant storage, ensuring your family's favorite fresh foods, produce, and prepared meals find a hygienic and organized home. Elevate your kitchen experience with a refrigerator that aligns with your values of efficiency and mindful living.

Large bottom-freezer refrigerators

With a substantial capacity, large bottom-freezer refrigerator offers a spacious interior to accommodate your family's fresh foods, produce, and more, ensuring a well-organized and hygienic home for your essentials.

Large top-freezer refrigerators

With ample capacity, this classic top-freezer refrigerator provides a generous interior to house your family's fresh foods, produce, and essentials, ensuring an organized and clean environment for your items.

Why choose large refrigerator: The path to sustainability and convenience

As we journey towards sustainability, our choices of home appliances play a pivotal role. Electrolux's commitment to a green future extends to our refrigerators, which not only accommodate your lifestyle but also enhance your sustainable practices. By investing in a large capacity refrigerator, you're making a conscious choice to:

Minimize food waste

The spacious interiors allow you to store a variety of foods while keeping them visible and easily accessible. Reduced food waste aligns with sustainable values.

Minimize Food Waste

Reduce energy consumption

By stocking up on essentials and reducing trips to the grocery store, you're indirectly lowering energy consumption associated with frequent store visits.

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Enhance food preservation

Electrolux refrigerators are equipped with innovative features that keep food fresher for longer, minimizing the need for excessive packaging and single-use plastics.

Elevate your lifestyle today

Elevate your lifestyle today

In the quest for a more sustainable and convenient lifestyle, Electrolux's large-capacity refrigerators stand as an embodiment of progress. With dimensions tailored to accommodate your needs and configurations designed for optimal organization, these refrigerators are more than appliances; they're enablers of mindful living. By embracing a larger refrigerator, you're embracing sustainability, convenience, and the potential for culinary creativity.

Experience the seamless integration of sustainability and convenience with Electrolux's range of large capacity refrigerators. Discover a world where freshness thrives and food waste diminishes, all while enjoying the extra storage space you deserve. Electrolux invites you to make a choice that resonates with your values and empowers your everyday life.

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