Here's a list of everything you need to know when choosing the right stoves and hobs for you. For more information, browse Electrolux cooker hobs available in India.

  • How does the safety flame device work?

    Built-in gas hob that comes with the safety flame device will have the gas supply cut off if the flame on the burner head is extinguished by a strong wind.

  • What is tempered glass?

    Tempered glass is a safety glass which when broken, the glass becomes small fragments or oval shaped pebbles instead of sharp pointed pieces when broken like normal glass.

  • Can natural gas be used for Electrolux built-in gas hob?

    By default, all Electrolux gas hob can use the normal LPG gas. If the customer is using natural gas, then he should inform the Electrolux service to change the gas nozzle on the hob to suit for natural gas usage. If the gas nozzle is not changed, then the flame from the burners will be small.


  • What is the difference between an induction hob and ceramic hob?

    An induction hob creates an electromagnetic field when a metal pan is placed on the cooking surface. This electromagnetic field will then heat up the pan. A ceramic hob works by using heating elements under the glass to heat up the metal pan.

    For cooking with induction hob, you will not see a red glow on the hob glass surface. The pan becomes hot but the hob smooth glass surface outside the diameter of the pan remains safe to touch. However, there is residual heat after long hours cooking.

    For cooking with ceramic hob, you will see a red glow surrounding the pan and both the metal pan and the smooth glass surface feels hot when touch.



  • Are there special pots and pans to be used for Induction and ceramic hob cooking?

    For cooking with Induction hob, you should use only pots and pans which have base made of iron properties that can attract magnet as it uses electromagnetic field to heat up. For cooking with ceramic hob, any pots and pans that are made of glass, aluminum, stainless steel, clay can be used for ceramic cooking.

  • Which of the hobs heat up faster between Induction, ceramic and gas hob?

    Induction hob has the fastest heat respond time followed by ceramic hob and gas hob.

  • What kind of glass surface is induction or ceramic hob made of?

    The glass surface of the Induction and ceramic hob is made of CERAN glass which is tempered glass.

  • What are the safety features found in the induction and ceramic hobs?

    The safety features are:
    1) Electronic Heat Residual Indicators (Induction & Ceramic)
    2) Auto-off safety (Induction & Ceramic)
    3) Child Lock (Induction)


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