Ovens FAQs

  • How do pyrolytic ovens self-clean?
    The pyrolytic self-cleaning oven heats up to 480°C to burn off all the food waste into ash. During the self-cleaning process, the oven will clean the entire oven cavity, and you may experience a burnt smell. The more food is left in the cavity, the more obvious the burnt smell is. All you need to do is use a damp cloth to wipe out the ash after the cleaning process ends and the oven has cooled down.

    Most Electrolux convection ovens have the self-cleaning function. Electrolux EOC5400AOX 72L is equipped with Pyrolytic cleaning and EOB3434BOX 72L is easy to clean with the Steam Clean and Aqua Clean functions. Electrolux EOB2400AOX 60cm has an Easy To Clean enamel coating, making it easy to clean all the food waste in the cavity.
  • How to clean the glass panes on the oven door without removing the door?
    First, remove the panel below the oven door. Then, attach a moistened glass cleaning wipe to a piece of coat hanger wire. Slide the wire under the oven door and move it back and forth to clean the glass. You can bend the wire when needed to access the hard-to-reach areas. Put the panel back to the original place to end the cleaning process.

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  • What is the difference between a convection oven and microwave oven?
    The biggest difference between a convection oven and a microwave oven is how the heat is generated and circulated in the oven cavity. Convection ovens use the fan to circulate hot air inside the oven cavity. This helps to heat up the whole cavity and ensures that the food is cooked evenly. Most of Electrolux ovens such as EOC5400AOX 72L use UltraFan Plus technology to make sure that heat is distributed evenly throughout the oven cavity for perfectly cooked food.

    Microwave oven uses invisible microwave radiation. This wave interacts directly with food without heating up the oven cavity. The energy of microwaves is converted into heat to warm or cook food. The Electrolux EMS2540X 25L is equipped with many automatic cooking programs to help you choose the setting level that best suits your dish. In addition, this model also has a Multi-section cooking function, which allows you to set up 2 consecutive cooking programs, which are especially helpful for complex dishes.
  • What is the best way to choose a convection oven ?
    Think about your purpose. Do you want to grill a large turkey or just want to use the oven for making appetizers and baking cupcakes? Answer this question helps you to consider and choose the right size of oven that fits your needs.

    It also depends on the space that your family live in, you can go for a built-in oven or a free-standing one. Almost every oven uses glass door so that you can observe and check the food regularly. Besides, ovens are equipped with lots of functions such as timer for a more convenient cooking experience.

    You should take Electrolux Air Flow Fan and Electrolux UltraFan Plus into consideration to ensure that the heat is circulated evenly all over the oven cavity. All Electrolux ovens are designed to serve various functions such as baking, grilling or both. With EOB8851AAX, you would want to explore more recipes through its 5 integrated steaming and cooking settings. Also, most of our ovens have safety control functions, namely Control Panel Lock and Child Lock, to ensure your safety while cooking, especially for family with small kids.

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  • What are the advantages of cooking with a convection oven?
    The convection oven has assisted fans to distribute the heat all over the cavity for evenly cooked dishes. The hot air also gives outstanding performance: not only improves cooking time but also makes food crispy and brown on the outside and juicy on the inside. Another advantage is that you can enjoy a 25% shorter cooking time with a convection oven, compared to a normal oven.

    Electrolux convection ovens can bring you more benefits. Such as, EOB8851AAX allows cooking with high precision by measuring temperature with Smart Food Probe and Meat Probe, preventing undercooked or overcooked dishes. Or if you need to cook meals for a large group of people, Electrolux InfiSpace™ 74L is definitely a perfect choice.

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  • How to activate the self-cleaning function ?

    For ovens with self-cleaning function, please follow simple steps below:

    • Remove all bakeware from the oven cavity
    • Select "Cleaning" function
    • Choose the suitable cleaning time or cleaning mode depending on how dirty your oven is: light, medium, extreme. For normal cleaning, we recommend a 3-hour cleaning time or you should choose the medium cleaning mode.
    • Press the "Start" button (To delay start, please refer to User Manual)

    Note: For safety reasons, the over door will remain locked until the oven cools down. When it is sufficiently cool, the door will automatically unlock.

  • Is it normal for my oven’s fan to run after the oven has been turned off?
    It is completely normal. The oven fans will continue to operate for a while after the appliance has been turned off to enable the oven to cool down more quickly.

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