Refrigerator FAQs

  • How do I clean a refrigerator? How often should I do it?
    Firstly, please unplug the refrigerator, then remove all the food currently stored in the refrigerator and discard any expired food. Most food can only stay fresh for up to an hour once they are taken out of the refrigerator; therefore, please store them at cool places while cleaning your fridge.

    Remove the shelves, drawers and other removable parts of the refrigerator, then rinse them with warm soapy water. While waiting for them to dry, you can clean the interior of the refrigerator with a multi-purpose detergent. Please make sure you clean the sides, shelves, grooves and door seals. You can use a brush to clean any cracks that are difficult to reach.

    After completing the above steps, please put the shelves and drawers back into the fridge, and then the food. Remember to wipe all of the water droplets remained on the bottles before putting them back into the fridge. Finally, you can plug the refrigerator and clean the exterior with a damp cloth.

    Please do the cleaning every now and then. It does not only help keep your fridge clean and fresh, but it also helps prevent breakdown and malfunction, thus saving you time and money.

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  • What is the ideal temperature for a refrigerator?
    In order to preserve the food's freshness, your fridge should be set to the optimal temperature, which is from 0oC to 4oC, and from -18oC to -20oC for the freezer compartment. The optimal temperature level may vary depending on what type of food stored in the refrigerator, and the food's location in the refrigerator.

    For instance, ready-to-eat food should be kept at the top and middle shelves. Keep raw meat, poultry and fish at the bottom of your fridge and in sealed containers to prevent contamination. Fruits and vegetables should be placed in the salad drawer. Most of our refrigerators come with 360 AirCool to ensure even cooling of food items, no matter where they are stored in your fridge.

    Electrolux refrigerators are equipped with Holiday mode, Eco mode and FrostFree functions to work while no one is at home. These functions help preserve food while reducing the power consumption.
  • How do I choose the right refrigerator size?
    Currently on the market, there are many lines of refrigerators with different sizes to choose from. Choosing the right refrigerator size will depend on the needs of your family and your living space. Firstly, you need to determine the needs of your family. For example, a family of 4 will usually need a refrigerator with a capacity of about 700L, while a couple only needs a fridge of 500L.

    Electrolux has a lot of side-by-side refrigerators (2-door refrigerators) and French door refrigerators (3-door refrigerators) to choose from, helping you optimize your space. For example, the 3-door refrigerator Electrolux EHE5220AA is designed as a 2-door side-by-side refrigerator with the freezer compartment at the bottom. Thanks to this unique design, customers can use the refrigerator at eye level, while having a large freezer below. Side-by-side refrigerators (2-door fridges) usually have big freezers and compartments designed for different usage, at a more affordable price. Please also pay attention to the size of the refrigerator to ensure that it can fit into your kitchen.

    It is also worth considering the size of the fridge based on how often one cooks at home while deciding what type of refrigerator to buy, as well as the tendency toward using the cooler or freezer compartment more.

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  • What to do when my refrigerator has leakage?
    Water leakage often happens due to the blocked drains. The quickest solution is to clear the drainage pipe. Make sure to unplug the refrigerator and remove all frozen food, the cooling system and shield at the bottom of the freezer. Next, please remove the dirt that clogged the drain pipe, then pour water into the pipe to melt the ice. Use a specialized catheter to remove obstacles and flush with hot water. Observe the flow of water - if it flows naturally down the drain, you've removed all drain obstruction. If water is still blocked, please contact a technician for assistance.
  • Why is my freezer cold but refrigerator warm?
    There are many reasons why your refrigerator compartment is not cold while the freezer is working normally. For example, storing too many items in the refrigerator compartment can block the airflow. You can easily solve this problem by rearranging the food in the refrigerator compartment.

    Another case is that the power cord may be loose. In this scenario, you should contact a technician for assistance. A broken evaporator fan motor can also be the reason. This problem occurs when the engine overheats right after starting; as a result, the airflow from the freezer compartment is not circulated to the refrigerator compartment.

    It can also be the result of the condenser fan not working due to issues in the snow discharge system. This results in ice accumulation, blocking the fan and thus blocking the flow of cool air. Another possible cause is the circuit board faulty. In this case, please contact a technician for assistance.
  • How can I keep my refrigerator or freezer smelling fresh?
    The freshness and cleanliness of your refrigerator/freezer may be affected by the way food is stored. Some food have stronger smell, so please make sure to wrap them properly before putting them into the refrigerator.

    After checking how the food is stored, please clean the refrigerator interior with a sponge soaked in warm water and baking soda.

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  • Why does the outside of my freezer feel warm?
    Usually, the outside of the refrigerator is warmer than the room temperature. This is because the compressor is working to transfer heat from inside the freezer out.
  • What does it mean if my refrigerator’s digital temperature display is flashing?
    If the temperature display keeps flickering, it means that the refrigerator's electronic control system has detected a performance problem. In this case, please contact 1800 588899, the Electrolux customer care center for assistance.
  • What are the benefits of the Electrolux Fresh Plus range of fridges?
    FreshPlus ™ Technology has 2 independent sensors that help maintain the perfect temperature inside the refrigerator. The smart monitoring software can detect the frequency, time and opening time (by learning the usage habit to adjust the operating and cooling cycles accordingly). This helps predict the time and user behavior to modify the cooling accordingly.

    The inverter compressor is adjusted effectively and can be adjusted every 6 minute depending on user behavior to ensure a consistent temperature.

    The inverter fans are controlled independently, bringing maximum efficiency while reducing the power consumption and noise.
  • What is the energy rating on the Electrolux fridge?
    Designed to reduce environmental footprint and the usage costs over the product's lifespan, Electrolux Fresh Plus refrigerator is highly rated and has earned a 5-star power rating.

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